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rugged, rough draft ruffian / wicked Twisted Science seduction like bitches’ titties prior to tha breast reduction / gushes fluxuate when I crush fuckers’ nuts ‘n’ sluts undulate to tha beat of tha drum / Speak ‘n’ Spell, count your T Cells / Hasidic Jesus, teachin’ heathens when I’m speakin’ on tha same air I’m breathin’ / double helix to tha amniosyntesis to tha full term delivery / Moms taught me chivalry but still I spit on you bitches / sadistic, lace tha spliff with cake, start spittin’ like Drake, regain cognizance ‘n’ bite off my leg for such shame on a ninja / antithesis of an MC, the epitome of a bitch / yo Black, go back to Canada with yo’ steez ‘n’ Lil Lame take y’ass back to New Orleans / hold tha fort down, my sword evens a score like a 4 pound / Wayne’s a faggot lettin’ Baby fudgepack it / prawly ain’t put CREAM on BG’s books / halfway crook that’s shook like earthquakes, I come with force of a Hurricane Katrina / better call PETA, I’m after you dog / you a former pig, get your Science right, you a unclean hog / Rozay ain’t no boss, back to back, count to 10 ‘n’ then we draw / but naw, at tha rung of 4, I use my tongue as a sword / carve up his lung in 12, 16 or 24...
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