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my pockets pack disaster, toss tha flyest daggers / bag her with diameters, I don’t even ask ‘n’ she says “damn that hurts” / acquiesce tha mic title, Science arrives ‘n’ the Orthodox sport a “heil”, goose steppin’ down tha New Jerusalem Synagogues aisles / temple’s tha body, mami chula, Hershey’s kisses as nipples ‘n’ giggles when I lick her inner thigh tickles / I’m quite fickle for tha arts of bars have been ignored / where do you think it all started? a hundred thousand million light years away’s where my charted thoughtwaves remain / astral traveller, time ‘n’ space is contained within tha God’s brain / superior father of verbal terrain, exquisite physics / livin’ livid for all this rap malnutrition in existence / recipients know not tha truth, tha nature of tha sentence / frivolous constituents listen but ain’t hearin’ it / go play with that bubblegum rap, I’m a lyricist…
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