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Twisted Science shaolin monk

spade ‘n’ neuter MCs, Lex Luger with a ruger / ya need a tutor, thought you was fresh ‘cuz you was sportin’ a Wu shirt ‘n’ you fort from New York where lyrics came from / stay true to tha culture, how could I slay one? rhetorical, my sword come to take tha scary’s larynx out with tha paramount thoughtwaves Black, ya flipped aghast ‘cuz that’s what tha God’s say / Caucasian Knolege God Body’s saucy, verbal anomaly / tha Beast caught me, I make tha belly ache / Ls get flamed, hell is Fate for jealous Jakes who chase ex-felons who change from illicit cakes to pens ‘n’ felt tips / in tha pen, waitin’ for decisions from tha 9th Appellate, shanks ‘n’ shivs get slipped in faces of child rapists ‘cuz injustice must be served for innocence / cut off tha faggot’s giblets / active or PC, Twisted’s Sadistic / half-wits only grasp half tha lyrics I splash, contact like visits / forge a sword made from liquid spirits, Science swipe tha metaphysical / all you MCs is identical ‘n’ individuals is integral / really, I’m here to make things difficult ‘cuz I’m livid at you mediocres, skiid or sober, I still got mo’ words / positive for cocaine ‘cuz my shit is dope / growth spurts exert when my words spot rush turfs, I fill a hearse with MCs / ninja, please / my finger squeeze faster than Ramadan, no chance to bereave tha fatal casualties / added, sums of Mathmatics, tha difference is Supreme subtraction / attack tha track with a howitzer, stationed in a bivouac / kids today live all wack, I give a crap ‘bout your habitat / I splash introductory ‘n’ ask questions last, last rites / last ninja to have his last supper with Christ / run up on a Philistine, I hugged tha nine ‘n’ filled his mind with ill rhymes of highly civilized Sciences, tha tribes of men with hue / fused, tha paleskin Caucasoid with God truth / Twisted Science alias, the Albino Yacub / y’all crabs ‘n’ slobs is Keeways ‘n’ Damus / fucker, I’m pepper sprayed down to my Underoos sportin’ bulletproof under my bubble goose / y’all like artificial holograms of Pac while I got backpacks with Macs ‘n’ duffle bags of Juice / also, I studied tha moves of Bruce ‘n’ Sun Tzu shrewd, sagacious / my soliloquy’s loquacious, spray paintin’ Milo One at the train station, razor blade sharp styles wild, carve my name on tha window on tha Rough Tough ‘n’ Dirty / 730, avoirdupois, babygirl you never hearda me, but vouslez-vous coucher avec moi? my depth is eons beyond / thoughts recognize tha Godly knowledge of Knolege God Cyphah / keep my dome shaved like Sampson vamped by Delilah / Lady Godiva femcee, TEE-HEE, I see your vagina / arrived to tha cipher like 3 Jesuses, my superego’s id is an egotist ‘n’ bitches is like “ain’t nobody wanna make a seed with him” / take her to see La Boehm, I’m cultured, tha thug poet laureate / in tha pen with Mom dukes supportin’ him, Southern Cali coordinance, cohorts attempt to sharpen they sword like him / prisoner of war, neglect tha pork ‘n’ beans havin’ dreams of God in New York sparkin’ trees / sharpin’ tha dart, verbal M-16 with multiple cartridges harvested hollow that ninjas swallow, Science, tha tuti capo / Wu Chronicles accost tha novices with 380 Glocks that spit dark thoughts like gothic kids, walk into tha light / my bars scar tha night, scarved up I rob rappers for their swagger with a mic, collab with God I got tha ill rhyme flow / semis, I splash you flimsies ‘n’ make you strip to your skivvies swiftly ‘n’ hand tha cash to me fast, trails is trippy / lysergic acid diethylamide flashbacks, faces start dripping / kis of cess bless, in L.A. we call it stress / my pen is on hydraulics, my thoughts is brolic / for all is not lost like wallets, I leave tha mic scalded / Hall ‘n’ Oates MCs think they hoity-toity stee can step next me, when I think it’s like there’s 10 of me / almighty Science, tha God Body on more psych meds than Ozzy / put me on a track, you know real Hip Hoppers would cop me / from Auschwitz to Ashkenazi to United Slaves, I read my Anne Frank diary ‘n’ place shit to tha East like feng shui / combustible, Science reclinin’, Intelligence Designed it indestructible / Russian Roulette, treachery / Arm Leg Leg Arm Head, 3 hundred 60 120, Yahweh is the Utmost Lovely / from Caucasoid God Body Twisted, to Black Asiatic brothaz ‘n’ sistaz, with a pair of perky Hershey Kisses on their breast ‘n’ my sperm jizzed on their Sunday’s best / address tha Union after I scrape babygirls cooch which is a mucus membrane / do your Grey’s Anatomy, gas leaked from ass is ether which is Outer Space, I gouged Fate ‘n’ you rap homos put your mouths on my snake / my boy r.i.p. Hense flipped tha Civic, broke my spinal ‘n’ split my wig, they did a circular incision circa ’96 / Science as Milo Onek began in ’99 at age 20 devisin’ rhyme back when rap was still live / self-ordained Knolege God blessed by Souljah Allah the attribute Twisted Science back in 20 owe 5 down in Donovan doin’ time / paroled 20 Ten, addict actin’ dumb, deaf ‘n’ blind / robbery caught me 2 with 10 added for strikes / now I’m in tha SHU with my See-alike Yusef Ali, my God’s tha God of Isaac, Jacob ‘n’ Ibrahim / Twist Sheist got serpentine schemes like pyramids / snatch tha ice wrist ‘n’ my Sky Blue Irises heist dimes that resemble Isis / tha verbal Christ, I’ll bring Hip Hop back to life…

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