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testify how I rectify, 730 my sword swerve / cut vocal cords, MCs is hors d’oerves / the paradigm of rhyme exhibitionism, ism wisdom / existence is a paradox ‘cuz I swear to God I ain’t gay but you resemble chicks with your lady-like approach to deep throat tha mic, bleedin’ from your crotch / I make true Hip Hoppers’ heads knock off like a cheap remake / naked Superman pcp, Chris Reeves ‘n’ Dean Cain each draped with 3 capes on / more fly than bulletriddled bulletproof thoughts that Science snuck thru / my contraband taunts a man’s spirit to come up out tha Earth vessel ‘n’ return learn-ed like Syrians at Christ’s level / bearded fearless, behavior tyrannous / geared in fatigues ‘n’ I lear at ninjas that’s not funny ha-ha but funny queer / Richard Gere rumored to hoop gerbils for years, Science cooped up, penitence for criminalist activity accusation / burn frankinscence ‘n’ blow trees with Joseph Mary at nativity scenes / how I believe is heavy, get tha triple beam / bevies of MCs think ‘cuz they faces is pierced in strange places ‘n’ they all inked up that they a sign of tha culture, remainin’ dullards / I script vivid colors, pallid Twisted paints descriptive off tha verbal pallet for your mental palate / my quill draws rhymes out tha holy chalice…

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