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Default Re: The letter Z and Yacub 2

If theres one thing that amuses me, its when people so much effort and struggle into something and it blows up in their faces. Not just a regular explosion though, but some Wile E Coyote type shit. Like when someone plays some huge elaborate chess game, passes up a billion checkmates and essentially offers the game up, but can't see a thing. They're too caught up in their plan to see they've already lost. Or when you play jiujitsu and some fool has a death grip on your gi. He's so caught up in his grip that he doesn't realize he's about to get his arm broken. Or rather like Hitler charging through Russia in the rain and then into the winter.

Basically, not only is this shit retarded, but its amusing in that you put so much thought and effort into being fantastically dumb. Way to go.
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