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mekk_pilot Sinister snakemekk_pilot Sinister snake

unnatural high, scientific synthetic
grants access to the ethereal tactical magic
I'm a practical addict to the mathematical chaos
radical play cuz the image betrayed us
hertz by the kilo, crashin like cymbals
bass from the thunder, god it's so simple
I'm that ghost rider drivin cattle cross the sky
I straddle my ride then I battle the eye
heaven-born captain before I went major
the stranger that questions patterns of behavior
a tournament player, single elimination
with your shield or on it come back to the nation
vibrations manifest brainwave collision
only way to pass the test is to make the decision
dimensions unfolding, and the gatekeepers told me
don't take those uppers along on this journey
but I ignore them, I scored when I bent the pitch up
rising fastball, speed to rip the stitch up
my niche uprising, we enterprisin
start up to success or die tryin
entreprenuer of the madness, panic has risen
try goin the opposite way; this is vector addition
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