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walkin the master's walk, summit to summit
and if you got somethin dope then drum it
from the command prompt cuz you earned men
but I control three like you can move ten, so then
when the transmission hits, take the watch off ya wrist
time is meaningless on my just exist
as a victor or victim, dope politicking
leaves heads in the red zone, the dead own the system
MC's play this game and lose all their wives
or lives, same thing, other cells in their hives
till arrives the boss burdened with the dopest nectar
and soon the ill seed takes over the sector
and I'm the ressurector of the style file navigation
counter intelligence/intelligence my specialization
fresh for the nation this produce uncommodified
designer recognized, an ill will alive
still in the game, because there is nothing else
and anyway if I quit I couldn't live with myself
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