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attitude adjustment:

I didn't beat a murder charge just to sit here watchin
you run a fucking game on my family with talkin
I'm known for rockin, attempted murder pled to willful injury
keep this shit up they're gonna know you as my victim for centuries
fuck ya sentries...I ain't wearin no ring
I'm gon sneak the fuck up and bring what I bring
A symmetric, motherfuck, they got me on this straitjacket regimen
chemical medicine runnin head games on the veteran
do you wanna play a set once I'm done with my bid?
when I get these knives out you'll know why they call me the kid
straight id, I go reptillian, I ain't fightin I'm killin
And I don't give a fuck if you think you're civilian
you don't want me to represent what I stand for
pardon my language I'm dangerous I trip hardcore
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