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victimize ninjas’ cliques with lines / my sword’s a pen that cuts off MCs even before they spit a rhyme / laborious God like Horus squared on 4 corners / chase you back past the essence with alpha-numeric lessons / fuck a vest, I’ll subject you to true aggression ‘n’ choke you with your own intestines / this is MCin’, exit wounds is left with no entrance so fuck good intentions / Science’s wrath of mathematical equations flow grammatically / classical Shakespearean menageries of prose, my rap playbill’s hate-filled, in tha cipher you’ll get Fate killed ‘cuz next to Twist, ya TABE is like, nil/ plus I heard you work for Jake, come up short on your verse like Herve Villechaiz / all hollerin’ out, “da plane, boss” / negatively positive you tryin’ to be a pop sensation like Nicki Minaj ‘n’ Drake, Rick Ross ‘n’ Lil Wayne / pause, cut off your gay-ass faux-hawk ‘n’ take that ink off ya face…
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