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Twisted Science shaolin monk

grab ya rosary, skulls get crushed, dick in your ovaries / long-term bids, kids get placed in hearses when my verse hit / firin’ out tha Suburban’s turret swervin’ tha tech-9 in highly technical techniques / all these MCs is mental vegetables ‘n’ Science gotta eat rebellious ‘n’ hellbent off intelligence that I’ve received / Iron Sheik leviathan derived from a guppy, script barracuda rhymes ‘n’ Jesus Christ is one that supped with me / Knolege sworn to uphold Knowledge Born, what I arrived with / excruciate a chick from behind, she looked like Salma Hayek / I was obliged to drive within her tha Science divinin’ rod / pay your tithes to God, I leave tha mic in gauze / pause, I’m illuminous like Ra on chariots / travel thru Sagitarious with vicarious thoughts of scofflaws that’s married to sectarian secretariats / yo it’s hilarious thinkin’ you could compare to this / with all that you say is of heathens, heretics ‘n’ pagans / actions permeate louder than any verbal statements / my thought waves get raised from local storms to global vocal hurricanes / I speak, you see tha Hip Hop that lays within my veins…
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