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Twisted Science shaolin monk

I say jump, you say how high, a thousand times sea level / behead tha devil belligerent like a Christian / go tha distance, to excel within existence / I crush like puppy love all you punk Big Willie ninjas / true to Hip Hop’s tenants, I stay definitive / exquisite blunts with weed mixed in the air, I stay twisted / from tha gate I’m Twisted, what I create is Scientific / solid iron rap, white-hot fire of a helltrap / don’t like how you crabs behave ‘n’ act, behavin’ like you God’s gift to verse / here’s a newsflash, tha God gonna cut off ya nerves, feel me? like I pulled up your skirt, implanted my girth ‘n’ you began to hollar like this was church / tha birth of Knolege, invert tha Wu emblem / temple’s tha body, “M” is mentally lofty, thoughts is my employment ‘n’ my hobby / better than most yet not as good as some / trump a chump MC whose differences outweigh his sums…

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