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Originally Posted by RADIOACTIVE MAN View Post
what I'm saying is, there is no definte answer to those questions, what you consider a proper woman might be the total opposite of what I think of one, furthermore ,my qualm is people saying "they are like that because of men"_ that doesn't sit right with me, My mother is a good woman,she has been married for nearly 40 years and she's happy, you know why? Because she respects my pops as a man and lets him play his position, she doesn't try to game him or turn the relationship into love for barter and that's what the issue is with alotta these weak chicks today and it's gonna be an issue for as long as they get defended. I believe in keeping it real, black people have the problem of delusion and that's why all of us,africans included aren't rising in society. We ignore problems and play the victim instead of nipping it in the bud. How is anyone with a brain gonna tell me, the reason a grown sane woman who considers herself our equal acts shady because of a man? When the truth is, it's because of who and what they are, they always want the easy way out, instead of exploring a situation,the prefer exploiting it. Do you know why you hardly see good black women out there? They too busy making it happen,they don't blame men, they take responsibility for their actions, they walk the path they need to and get successful, in turn, they are never angry or sady because they can get their own. They don't sit on their wack asses all day talking about they can't do shit in life because of a man. That excuse is invalid
that shit dont sit right with me either i agree that aint right.
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