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Originally Posted by RADIOACTIVE MAN View Post
like I said before, when it comes to this,i agree with you. Good point because it IS TRUE. A majority of them after knowing you have money all of a sudden have all these problems,suddently they are helpless,suddently every burden they ever had is your problem and then use that to try and fuck with the situation and think they can hold dudes feelings hostage, that's when they blatantly tell you of the other dude in the cut who will pay her bills if you don't so you got these bitch ass captain save a hoes slaving just to keep that trash in their life. That's where I differ, I usually tell them what they are and to this day,they respect me because they know I don't fall for that jezebel shit ,neither will I feel the obligation to put up with their shit because I'm a man. If a chick cannot respect you for Being a MAN, she's just a fucked in the head slut who doesn't deserve your time or respect. Lets call a spade a spade. My fiance works, doesn't want for nothing from me..she owns her problems and mistakes,when I help her out,its because I want to and love her, not because I'm a man and that's why it's working.aint no barter for love bull,its Love. Period, that's what some of these dudes don't get, being with a woman doesn't mean you gotta pay her bills and pay her way through life, if you think that's what love or being a man is about, your a pantsyed out trick
why they fucked tho?
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