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thoughts prophetic, kept within my melon, I seen it all / alpha-numeric, I infect tracks like Lou Gehrig / sport a chariot, effeminate MCs attempt to spit verses versus me, I thought it was hilarious ‘n’ quaint how he elected to use tha language / I filet’d him with tha dagger hid in my suede Timbs / I cherish Fate ‘n’ nurture deep hatred like a court-ordered parenting class / 24 carat, reap what I sow, I throw flows in glass homes ‘n’ laugh / cut cakes to quarter-grams / Science, on forced sabbatical cracks verbal clavicals / crabs, practice your tactical reactionary, clean tha stems ‘n’ seeds out yo’ weed like goldenseal ‘n’ cranberries flee tha THC out tha bloodstream / navels stay fuzzy, pay me hush money, I’ll never stop busting verbal thuggery / sharp like blood-stained cutlery, I stay cuffed in custody ‘n’ my shanks stay rusty / fuckin’ hussies, yo – Milo’s steelo’s madd gully ‘n’ lovely/ emotion pierce your skully / adjust tha fixed rate ‘n’ assimilate to how I configurate your physical state ‘n’ arrange a gapin’ hole in your fuckin’ face / love to hate a fuckin’ fake cat, who get they fuckin’ face smacked with a closed fist/ punk, who ya dad like Maury Povich/ hit you so hard I’ll leave 1 of your eyes above the other like Shannon Doherty, from tha Lower Eastside of New York to Southern Cali, I arrange plates of thought in tha galley to feast, y’all still want tha unclean uncivilized pork ‘n’ swine to eat / whatever, I eat feline ‘n’ skeet up in ‘em / when I parole I’ma get a vasectomy, but I’m so virile I’ll still get her throat pregnant / she’ll have droves of my load up in her midsection / gyrate, inhale tha amyl nitrate, thick dick you with my girth ‘n’ shove it in your face…
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