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tha agent of sickness
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Tachi swift slayed super switchblade and split the board,sever ya head set n make a bed spread for my zombie whores,left in the twilight of sadistic eyesight in my concrete morgue,refine the sharpness of this darkness locked behind these chords,and move towards the feeling of swords piercing ya jaws,clap ya hands with a spike n recite until i get an applause,WE THA GODZ,so take a knee before these modern day slobz,that wonder abroad,with no job,,,,,,
,triple 6 takes advantage of a watch the fuckin maggots swarm,crack a shell for any smelly raps that im eggin on,the evil shit i did tha devil aint even wanna tag along,2012 and im still not hearin the noise u faggots on,i brag and bomb sets to death,fuckin Osama even plays my song,in the muslim afterlife,but shiva aint even half as nice,i blunderbuss gods from chariots,n watch em drop to the earths dirt for human sacrifice,so go insane again i run with a click of ancient aliens that hyper jump rockin solar nikey pumpz,with a pump from deep space that projects rayz.SUN.... ill light ure planet up,,puma punku was where my great ancestors used to snuff,deep roots in the genes of demigodz that called ya bluff,secrets of the clan stuffed inside a golden hutch,protected by spirits and demons just waiting to make there clutch,left stoned from granite touch..controlled by crystal headz with cosmic powers like a hit from my illy dutch,

"We discourteous creatures, features of repetitive
feaster's,that pray on the opposite optical of logical people"

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