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Just saw this
Basically says that President Barack Obama (Jr.) is very very much like his deceased father (Barack Obama Sr.)
Obama Jr. gets his "anti-colonialism" ideology from his father who was an alleged drunk, womenizer and beater, and an extreme leftist radical.

The basis for Dinesh D'Souza's, the films co-producer and narrator, thesis is Obama Jr.'s autobiography: "Dreams from my Father"
The use of the word "From" goes to imply Obama Jr. has the same mindset about the world as his father that he only knew briefly as a child.

Barack Jr.'s relationships with the likes of Frank Marshall Davis, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Edward Said, and Roberto Unger; have influenced Obama Jr. to want to: ruin America threw debt, weaken America's military and nuclear capabilities, sympathize with "extremist Islam", and tax the American people to 100% as a means to institute communism.
All this in the name of, according to D'Souza, "anti-colonialism"

Barack Jr.'s half brother, George Obama, is interviewed by D'Souza, as well as people who knew Barack Sr.
There is an interview, that for some unexplained reason had not footage, where he interviews one of Barack Jr.'s half sibling's grandmother. D'Souza supposedly asks some "unfavorable" questions to the women and she refuses to answer, and then some sort of security unit forces them out of the area. No footage of this, and its absence is not explained what so ever

The film also claims that Obama Jr. masterfully played the race card to get into the White House. However, in an antithetical manner of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Obama "assumed" white America to be non-racist, where Jackson and Sharpton "assumed" them to be racist. The "smiling Blackman" as opposed to the "angry Blackman".

The documentary was openly and extremely anti- President Obama, and D'Souza did an excellent job of getting his point across. Very powerful, even for a part-time political junkie like myself.
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