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Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

fortified with tecnique thats iller than small pox,
im big- time, yall cats still slingin meth in the boondocks.
most mc's, would beef, and talk shit behind plexi-glass,
my slugs make bodies slim like crack junkies on medifast.
im gifted,
lifted on herb, dutch master splifted,
precice, assassinate mics,strike, like i got night vision....
high volume dealer of dope, that comes in metaphors,
absorb swords and throw them back at you and cut your vocal cords.
the illest,
die harder than bruce willis, and with a vengance,
pop the demo tape and then play,
chop headz like butcher scissors,
fake, booty-rappers get plasterd, stuck up like fly catcher paper, catch vapors,
chop myth-makers with dull razors.
plenty snakes float, the ones that testified,
fuck "let it ride"
destroy pussy rappers like i was pesticide.
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