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ACT II; Scene I:

the village idiot wearing the A:

with the sound and fury of the tale told
rolled dice for gold trip 6 then explode
18 weapons I'm steppin out the door of the zeppelin
...reppin panic since nine eleven
she said love was stronger than fear, but it's no longer near
we're just partners in crime and the divorce is here
so I'm sailin to terror to conquer terra firma
seekin el dorado hit the lotto got the glima to burn ya
earn ya eclipse, bear witness to fitness
the orthodox suck cocks I'm sinister like business
deal this death, my victims like cards
I just shuffle then cuss all ya fools in my yard
get the fuck off my lawn, my earth, I worked for it
for what it's worth, ya'll players can't score it
I tore it with the plow, how ya like me now
throwin rocks bust shots flash ya camera, wow
you can't capture this image and imitate it
that's like grabbin ya dick to masturbate it
I can't tell you something you don't already know
the chemicals got me centerfolds before I was even pro
grow ya own dopeness, ya'll be hopeless
Im on this eight-legged steed about to rope this
golden calf that thought his math was potent
now I count it as chattel I'm the cattleman, rodent
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