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mekk_pilot Sinister snakemekk_pilot Sinister snake

machete a la derecha, sawn off izquierda
cuz I'm left eyed right handed and I be askin where'd the
old time religion go to, bring ya guns to church meetings
seeding brides, stayin alive in the land of mortal kombat greetings
beating games ace this nintendo galaxy that's spinnin
true women bringin soul in, luck when I'm high rollin, winnin
seein the earth from mars, got here with mad scars and no ink
....and I don't give a fuck what you think
these pills are will murder, ill enslavement
but someday I'm gettin out of the basement
maybe the mistake was losin my face when
I blew up that eightball, now I'm goalie masked like jason
but I'm always bombin tragedies
for these clowns showin a badge to me
ya raggedy andy, I crush like hard candy
burst with flavor savor the space of the land He
promised me when I master the art of management
organizin surprisin inflictin mad damage when
I gotta move under the surveillance, my bonds ain't covalent
but don't call them ironic, I'm mad serious, scalin
mad mountains of grain I loaded in the mack truck
wack fuck, you ain't insane, mainframes I hack, what
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