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Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
Why are black women fucked up? I just told you why. Black women's attitudes come from them being hurt by a lot of black men. But nobody is forcing black women to choose these black men losers. They choose these clowns. So don't be surprised when they hurt you and don't take your attitude out on good black men cause all black men aren't the same. Black women's stupid asses for some reason think all black men are the same.
i guess black women would argue that not all black women are the same either.

Originally Posted by RADIOACTIVE MAN View Post
charles..most fucked up black women are that way because of their choices, not because alotta back men hurt them. They know exactly what different demographics of black men are like and yet they choose to go for niggas, lames with no foresight for the future who don't even know what a relationship is. Lets make a contrast here. There are good black men who will never get the chance or shot because they aren't thugged out enough or aint balling like they say. The black women who aren't fucked up will hardly even be seen in clubs, or the streets in boy shot talking about where the niggaz at, they don't sit at home all day twerking,smoking weed,sucking dicks and making babies for wellfare, those women are out there getting it...and they usually wait,meet a good man, marry him and have a family with him..not become a really..the problem is those sluts. They are all given an equal opportunity in is free in america, the chance to make it is there for all of them,but they would rather be system slaves and statistics. Trash
i'm glad you know there are different types.

Originally Posted by RADIOACTIVE MAN View Post
Sunny. Now you making the point I've made on here the whole time, they want niggaz, not men..and theybusually gravitate towards niggaz, not men. Lets keep ot real here. How many educated black men or even successful black men do you see with them? I can tell you why
Originally Posted by JIGSAW45 View Post
Is that why black dudes chase whoight pussy lmfao!

Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
You make a lot of sense and i agree with what you said. Pussy is definitely the reason why most men chase women. If men got pussy off their mind and understood that pussy isn't the only important thing about a woman, then i think men would have better relationships with women.
a lot of times pussy is the only thing men want from women. men aren't looking at every female as a potential girlfriend, there'll be plenty of women they wouldn't mind fucking but they wouldn't choose to date every female the have sex with. the same vice versa.

Originally Posted by RADIOACTIVE MAN View Post
I hate feminists with a passion
as long as you don't hate the ones who are just wanting equal pay, the right to vote, the right to compete in sports etc.

Originally Posted by TSA View Post
Hey homer simp son, how about you stop making excuse ike a feet licking hoe and take facts like a man for once, black bitches suck. im glad someone brought up gabby douglas. This girl was out here winning olympic gold for her country despite the media riding the white kid's dick at a young age and black bitches, finally having their first young black female hero, start dogging her, in public, about her hair. the same hair they have too. They were the only people in the history of the universe looking at her hair. I didn't even realize he had head until they started that shit.

and what was her hair? an ordinary athletic ponytail. black bitches blow. you can say there's no man but nobody is going to be the man of a faggot that calls herself Ph1lly$Bo7sB1Tch on twitter dude. shut the fuck up and quit trying to act like the fucking robin williams of compton. black people suck and need to quit being intolerable asshole from hell and start joining the human race. There are people that went through full on genocide as little as 10 years ago that are perfectly self respecting motivated human beings

i just got done talking to a bosnian with 1 functioning nostril cause he was beat with the butt of a gun and ass raped in a concentration camp. Dude works hard, respects his fellow man and carries the fuck on with his life. Fucking faggot, if you were ass raped and beat with a gun God knows who many secondaries used make to drown out the pain. faggot. shut up. simp. pussy. black bitches are fucking weaker than dog shit and have the mental development of unraised 8 year olds. shut up hoe.
that is wrong to be talking shit about that girls hair, for those girls to be doing that then that is down to those girls' insecurities about their own hair

Originally Posted by TSA View Post
basically im into slaving whores
not all black girls are whores if that's what you're trying to say. yes, there are the black girls you guys have mentioned but then there are the ones that don't even get their hair relaxed or braided let alone have extensions. they are the ones wearing jeans and trainers all the time cos they love trainers but the sad thing is these are not the girls that you men go for or give the most attention to. men like the fake nails, hair and make-up, you like the little dresses and high heels. men say they prefer low maintenance girls but it's high maintenance girls that they notice and wanna fuck with and brag about to their boys later.

what you guys are talking about isn't exclusive to black women, it affects women of all races if that behaviour is accepted by the people in their group of friends.

men and women these days feel like life owes them something. they probably spend their lives watching movies and wishing their lives were as exciting as the movies. they feel any high point in their life must be succeeded by reaching higher and higher as they go on and they miss all that's inbetween cos all they're doing is waiting for the buzz of their next high. it's not crazy to keep wanting to get a high from life but you're setting yourself up for failure if you're expectations are too high.
Originally Posted by Senator C. Palantine View Post
you know Trixx is ODB, right?

Listen to Jay-z's last album, it's all there.

Decipher, son.

Don't want no puss filled yellowheaded dick man
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