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caught between the essence ‘n’ tha fleshes, I shine with iridescence / though a pessimist yo, it’s all gravy yet, only if you go my way / shit’ll get grizzly in 12, 100, 48 or if it’s 16 / I swear my 16s is semis specifically in verbal delivery / hint that you should listen to me / after my sentence all I hear is screams, ‘n’ y’all ninjas bleed indeed / before tha pen squeeze I line up tha trajectory / press eject on tha cassette deck, I throw your tape away / CDs ‘n’ iPods ‘n’ hear a verse from me you swear that I’m God / cock back tha Glock ‘n’ splash vaginal cavities with tenacity / you crabs have audacious the audacity to try to battle me? laughin’, I smack you half-wits with thoughts that’s deep like 30 thousand fathoms under the sea / trade you in for a 30 cent silver piece ‘n’ a pine box casket that’s indistinct…
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