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Twisted Science shaolin monk

go to tha nearest black market ‘n’ cop these thoughts free to charge, 16 bars that flip police cars / MCs multi-cultured, youngsters wear tight jeans over their multi-colored leotards / stay a retard with your club shit ‘n’ permanent inked up mug yo, you ain’t even close to thuggin’ / I scuffle with pens in tha Cali pen hustlin’ with Whites, Blacks ‘n Mexicans / suffix tha prefix, I’m tha most pekid apex that’s pinnacle ‘n’ integral / shoot shit with Science off tha hip, my Hip Hop rips knots off tha hinges / Twisted Sheist, empty your pockets God, I heist merchandise with words of lies / immaculate verbal concepts dislodged / the impeccable threats carried past tha theoretical, …I Reginald Denny MCs like ninjas takin’ advantage of sad situations / capitulate tha mic to Science, I of the Caucasion persuasion…
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