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mekk_pilot Sinister snakemekk_pilot Sinister snake

you think you flowin leader I'm captainin galleons
violence, eat ya beef, I just diced up some scallions
rallyin cry, do or die, I just flood and break god damns
flow jams unknown man, I terminate programs
horse to a trojan, try it, I'm LRRP like Wyatt
my gun burps you buy it, you need to learn to riot
I'm off the reservation...reconquering nations
the information on guerilla radio stations
enemy propaganda the total environment
I'm culture jamming it til death: no retirement
cuz I'm married to the game we ain't no friends with benefits effortless eminence be the evidence
ascendent dominance preordained by providence
and even an agnostic got to aknowledge this
some suckas keep it so real that they fake the funk
they spit some wack math and I break their junk
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