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mekk_pilot Sinister snakemekk_pilot Sinister snake

(classic mekk anthem)

I'm piloting my mekk while ya combat systems stay dormant
how my spost to know you wouldn't contact an informant
if I gave you the codes to arm yaself and go to war, what you think the drugs are for?
see I dropped this rude acid, I volunteered for infantry
runnin thru the jungle it's a paranoia symphony
in country, death could be hiding behind any tree
like a virus in the text of the jungle book that I read
you gotta rearrange reality
to see the snipers and the powers in their seats up in the canopy
you think this is some kind of fantasy
well I ain't puttin down my weapon till my people are free
anyway you can't come back once you've seen what I've seen
so pack intuition and ammunition that's what you need
but beware, the unit's known for its casualties
so whatcha wanna do man? dare to believe
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