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Originally Posted by RADIOACTIVE MAN View Post
dude use your imagination..his lyrics can be likened to those of Gza,...they arent sposed to be taken literally..sorta like a puzzle where you figure out in figure of speech what a line means..common now..this aint lil wayne we talking about here
no theres a huge difference. gzas metaphors r very precise and never nonsensical even if they are abstract. that percee p line isnt precise its nonsensical and it doesnt connect to anything else and gza is all about connecting lines.

gzas my favorite lyricist as well so i know what imtalking about. i even recently made a thread on his lyrics

if i was analyzing that line like gzas lyrics first id ask what does he mean by 'molecular structure' to me it doesnt seem 2 b a reference 2 anything. if i take it in context of the line it still doesnt seem 2 b a reference to anything. same thing can b said 4 'tumors'. its a very very inprecise metaphor which is bad.

this is from an interview gza explaining how his metaphors r precise

'The majority of people are not gonna catch the lyrics at all. But I do it for myself. I know that people are not gonna catch it, y'know? You've got a lot of lyricists out there that think they're really great. But if you compare their lyrics to ours [in the Wu-Tang], you can't compare their lyrics to half the $%&! we say comin' out of the Wu camp. It's like we're scientists. We're lyrical assassins and we want to make everything sharp. That's how I'm on it. Whether you catch it or you don't, I don't wanna make it simple. It may sound simple but...It's like I say 'On a man made lake there's a sheet of ice/unskilled skaters couldn't figure eight twice.' I'm talkin' about ice you can skate on. I could be talkin' about jewelry, y'know? Then I say 'they couldn't figure eight twice.' That's sixteen, 'cuz 8 and 8 is 16. Then I say 'Uncut direct from the Colt.' Now I'm talkin' about a gun, but I don't have to say gun. 'Head on assault/the result was death by the bulk.' It's like you can see it so many different ways. That's how it is'

ur right about gzas lyrics being like a jigsaw but thats totally different from percee ps lyrics. lots of percs lines dont connect and surely jigsaw pieces r supposed 2 connect

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