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set Excaliber aflame, 50 caliber’s held snug to fuckers’ faces / brushes with outlaws, brushes with Satan / verbal southpaw endowed with tha mouth of God / my physical, sharp as whips ‘n’ pistol gripped sickles, my shit is gutter / dramatic havoc is handed to faggots when fully loaded ratchets is brandished ‘cuz my trigger finger’s active / suckerpunch rappers drastic, up for 5 days from smokin’ a 16th of spegack out a glass dick / Los Angeles is a vast labyrinth ‘n’ I’m a Lost Angel growing from San Fernando Valley’s barrios to New York’s Burroughs / my purist flow is furious, win, lose or draw, I subdue rap in my Hip Hop coup d’état / I came to bring lyrics back into thoughtwaves, bitch, get on your ashy knees ‘n’ find out how my cock tastes / nympho vocalist, I spit at inappropriate times / proliferated verbals procreate Knolege, now say grace…
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