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Originally Posted by knowcheeze View Post
"lmmfao - booty hole pleasure is "The SHit"

you don't know what you're missing"


om quite suprised to hear you say that

"but if you're against getting do do scrapes on your dick from fucking booty holes, you should also be against getting pee pee in your mouth from eatin the pussy in 69 situations -
if you're gonna be clean, be fully clean -"

meh....yeah eye said Meh....
eye reckon da difference is...
Yoni nectar can give you energy....
either via absorbing it or drinking it....
eye have heard that drinking it opens up the Pineal gland...
you know...where Yacob met god face to face....
and eye did have the oppurtunity to sex a super vegan
a few years back and absorbing that stuff got me
so energized....too energized...eye damn near got manic off
that tasted like spring water....but om digressing

pee pee and poo poo on the other hand is waste material....
pee pee is good if you on a life boat in the middle
of the ocean.....but....thats about it

so basically theres nothing comming out of the butthole
that gives any kind of energy.....poop on the skin
isn't good for anyones health.....poop belongs in the toilet
or in the woods somewhere....

as far as the pee pee goes.....
you can have homegirl take a shower before you 6'9
her and that should get rid of all the pee pee....

"getting mucous in your mouth from kissing some chick is nasty too "

true.....but a internallly clean and properly nourished woman
isn't gonna have too much mucus....

"just lay down in a missionary position when it's time to make babies - making her cum will make her crave the sex even more - and that will make her a slut eventually - that hunger she can't control even though she fronts like she got her shit together

but me, i'm a nasty nigga - "

yeah eye cee dat....LOL

sunny winters...eye stick by mah story....bootyhole sex is like
dumpster diving......PEACE!!!!!!!!!
pure pee can cure blindness innit
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