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Originally Posted by june181972 View Post
Regardless of one's opinion of what Yacob did, the lessons say he was "An original man"..."born"..."in the year-eight thousand four hundred."

"It was predicted of him that he would make Devil"..."So he was born with a determined Idea..."

Who is the Original man?
"The Original Man is"..."God of the Universe"

Who is the Colored man?
"...Yacob's grafted Devil..."

How long did it take him to make Devil?
"Six hundred years he was in grafting Devil..."

Then why did God make Devil?
"To show forth HIS Power"..."That He could make a Devil"..."give the Devil power to rule the Earth..."...then, destroy the Devil..."

If Yacob was a devil, he would have had to have himself killed, came back to life multiple times, until the making of devil was complete 600 years after he started.
This is what the lessons say, God made devil
Either one believes the lessons to be right and exact, or they don't.
One cannot "add on" to that which is already right and exact.
Take it, or let it alone

have you killed 4 white people yet?

do you plan to?

you are required as a Muslim to kill you foe crackas

...take it or leave it alone...LOL..and have fun in jail
Mr. Right and Exact.....

*knowcheeze hits da rim shot*

but seriously doe...

its interesting....eye was reading that late in MY FATHERS
life....somebody ax'd da Father Allah(13X from mosque 7)

"Why did God make devil"

and Allah replied..."I never made no devil"(paraphrased)...

they ax'd my Father that same question 2 more times and he
replied wit da same answer....


bottom line...yes...Elijah Muhammad is Allah's messenger...
prophecized to come in the last days from the chapter of
Malachi....but Prophets and Messengers are for weak
Post fall of man type people....eye am a pre fall of man
person...eye don't need no fuckin messengers or prophets...

the QUran says you can have sex with your wife or your
female slaves.....Jesus let sum crackers nail him to a fuckin can have your prophets that allow slavery
and allowing your enemies to murder you....take them....
you can have em....LOL....any God that allows slavery
in mah humble opinion should have their head chopped off...

and yes eye fit the very defineation of the knowledge equal
degree in the 1-40's to a tee
....but not gonna look like
a damn fool trying to say a person who fed black babies
to sum wild beast isn't a devil....

the black man is God...and the white man is a devil....

God tells the truth and the devil is a liar....

therefore...anyone who would say someone who fed
ANY baby to a wild beast isn't devil is a white person
in mah opinion....cuz they LIE-ING....

cuz once thing eye take and don't leave is
that the black man is God....any person who acts devilish
regardless of they skin color is a white man.....

aren't contradictions beautiful????

going back to prophets and seems like
different types of persona's ascended to that 24th
scientist(da dude on da throne) throuough the history
of the Council of Scientists......
and it seems like certain ones was on sum shit....
for instance da one who told Moses to kill hundreds
and thousands of women and children...
eye don't give a fuck....if eye could go back
in time and meet that man of war Yahweh dude eye would
smack da shit out him.....

bottom line....if the guy who happens to be on the throne
of the council of scientists is a bullshitter....eye wouldn't
hestitate to murder him either...

eye will never forsake my masters....
eye will forever stay loyal to Hip Hop culture,
Master Fard Muhammad, the Father Allah
and his Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie

but at the same time.....eye have quite a reputation
around mah way as the neighboorhood revolutionary....
it took a long time to gain such a reputation...

now...if eye start LYING to people saying someone who
murders babies isn't a devil just so a certain school
of thought considers it right and exact then eye will
loose mah blessing...and rightfully so....cuz that would
make me a bullshittin kow towin ass liar!!!!!

one thing eye LOVE about the NGE is that they
on sum Ray Parker Jr. other words....they ain't scared
of no ghost.....oooops....eye mean this Council of Scientists
that nobody has ever ceen before...LOL

"35. When did their own people find out that they were here?
36. Approximately sixty years ago."

who is their own people?

cuz elitist African devils watched the whole traingle trade
go down with indifference...

and if their own people is the council of scientists.....then
what type of rinky dinky God didn't know the triangle
trade was going down....

in conclusion....eye do percieve that Sugar on shit type
black nationalists who use semantical magic tricks
and kow towing the official "line" of their school of thought
to fool people and say baby murderers aren't a devil
are very valuable.....your semantical magic tricks
are very much needed....thats that Mental Infant Milk.....
you can reach that very immature segment of the population...
you can civilize alot of childish racists with that shit
it all works out in the end

but only babies need to drink that milk that is made
strictly for INFANTS......personally eye only drink
vegan mental nut milk(hemp ceed, almond etc)

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