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Originally Posted by FMJ View Post
Then the lessons are simply not right and exact.

Yacuub, an original man, was succesful in his undertakings cuz he told peeps what to do or they paid with their lives. They did it cuz they fear him.

The devil put fear in him when he was a little boy, means that Yacub is the devil.

Yacub cannot be original man and devil at the same time (law of non-contradiction).
Yacob was BORN an original man....but once he started
murdering the black babies on patmos he was no longer
an original man....he let the white man inside him take over.....


thank goodness this age of aquarious is here.....

its a beautiful age where even the Gods of the Bible and
Quran are not above reproach and rebuke....

study the story of Moses encounter with the Green One
in Sura 18....

the age of the mystery God is over!!!!!!!!

how could Che Guevara fullfill the requirement of killing
4 devils and he ain't even a religious person where
every Muslim who reads the SWL's have never killed
a devil in his life?
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