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knewmucus drunken mastaknewmucus drunken masta
Default fffffffff

"don't be surprised - i'm a fucked up person"

naw sunny you a little slice of heaven owl tell you whut

"i'm talking about Pee droplets gettin in your mouth while you bury your face between the meat sleeves - there is no avoiding it - now if you wanna tell yourself that pee pee is the yoni nectar of a virgin vegan, that's on you - lol - "

during the sex act the pee pee tunnel gets closed off...
eye know....eye was a chronic masterbater for like
15 can't pee when you fuckin....
if she goes in the shower and cleans the kitty
kat nice theres not gonna be no pee pee....
the only thing thats gonna be comming out is
pre-cum and cum....and that stuff is good for the health

the only way pee gonna be commin out is if something
is wrong with her plumbing.....

"and so does pee pee and mouth mucous - shit streaks on your dick would be safer than pee pee and someone elses mucous in your mouth i would think - waste on your dick is safer than waste in your mouth - if you are eating the pussy, you are also eating, drinking excretion - waste - pussies sweat also - sweat is waste/excretion - do you also lick hot titties in the summer time ?"

om sorry.....but in regards to bodily fluids Poop is the one thing you don't want on your skin.....Urine would be second thing you don't want...mucus third....but yeah.....poopie is just the worst of the worst.....

its writing a love poem to this woman om trying to get with and one of the lines is..."eye wanna drink a cup of your buttcrack sweat"

sweat is no problem....eye just jogged this morning in the free sauna AKA summer weather and mah body was drenched in looked like eye wet mah pants....eye swallowed alot of sweat this problems!!!!!!! now if eye had really pissed mah pants this morning people who walk by me would smell urine and problably start laughing at me cuz om a god damned savage who peed himself.....

eye used to wet the bed till eye was like 14 years old....eye know first hand you don't want urine anywhere except the stink.....a battle with a pee stain is one you will not win!!!!!

as far as mucus goes....a clean vegan female don't have no mucus poppin off.......eye barely have any mucus left in mah body anymore.....

"she cannot shower out the pee pee that is inside of her - lol"

if she cannot then she got kidney/bladder issues...

"just like she cannot enema all of the do do up in her intestines - but it would be easier to get the do do out than it would to get the pee pee out"

if her bladder and kidneys are healthy her plumbing will cut off that tunnel and she can get all the pee pee out...

"the mucous and the pee will go in your mouth though, while the shit will only get on your dick - you can wipe the shit off, but you cannot wipe your throat out"

thats why you gotta fuck a vegan mucus....

wow....eye woulda never thought eye would have this debate with sunny winters....PEACE!!!!!!
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