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As per the general content of posts #18, #19, #20, #21

I would humbly suggest that you go back and study your Lessons
But it is obvious that you don't give a damn about them

No where in the Lessons does it say "kill 4 white people"
you are the one using "semantical magic tricks"

"What is Devil?"
"A grafted man which is made weak and wicked."
"Or, any grafted, live germ from the original is devil."

What is in devil, was/is in Original and HAD to be grafted out by the wise scientist Yacob
Killing devil does not mean killing a white person. I will not even attempt to assume why you are trying to propogate this falsehood.

You can keep that micro-minded, instantly-gratifying grafted version of the Lessons, and life in general, that you claim to live by.

You can keep that I Self Lord And Master reasoning you use to change, or just ignore all together, the Lessons, which is what you are doing here.

Thinking that everything "God" is harmless, happy go lucky, and won't have to break the eggshell to eventually make the perfect omelette, is the epitome of "Mental Infant Milk"
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