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warrior class hears my flow like mass reacts to gravity
priests help the pharaoh enslave, they makin men machinery
obscenely obsessed with efficiency, and my mission be
revealing the reckoning beckoning behind the glistening
glitter, but I'm a dirt spitter, the future farmer
the ghost risin from the rustic folk...they my armor
mad resilience, true grit, can't replace it with industry
they threw me in the classroom, tried to school me in empathy
but the rebel has no sympathy for those who live by systema
enemy's frequencies deny supremacy in the
inna court ya best abort ya wack operation
ya couldn't down the master of faster vibrations
past the mind racin, knight move two and one adjacent
you'll capture this peace when the east can replace him
I'm scandinavian, son, don't call me caucasian
legendary runner master gunner of the free state persuasion
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