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Originally Posted by june181972 View Post
Black is not a color
Black is the essence of the beginning of all things.
Therefore any issue of race is not really about color, but rather a mindset.
I never said skin color is the determinant of devil, neither does the Lessons. It's too bad that you feel that you must misrepresent what I post to make your point.
Originally Posted by knowcheeze View Post
....a man who trained 59,999 of his followers to feed black babies to a wild beast or have nurses stick deadly pins in they head is not a devil??????
It's one thing to have a grafted opinion of the Lessons, it's another to totally misrepresent them as you are doing here. The wise scientist only "trained" his laborers.
Originally Posted by knowcheeze View Post
eye don't give a DAMN about how YOU and your SECT interpert the lessons...
I'm not "interpreting" anything. I submit to the wisdom of the Lessons.
And I perfer the word Ummah to "sect" if you please.
Originally Posted by knowcheeze View Post
why is it that YOU and your sect are the ones
who can say which lessons are to be taken
ALLEGORICALLY and which lessons are to be
taken literally.....
Absolutely Nothing in the Lessons is allegorical and absent of tangible fact.
Originally Posted by knowcheeze View Post
TRUE WISDOM will take you beyond understanding...
beyond culture....true wisdom will power you up
and bring you to Godhood.....

your wisdom is apparently weak....
Yacob had reached "Godhood"
That's why he was able to build and destroy in the Agean a new and better civilization could Be Born
This is an example of the Wisdom within the Lessons that you errantly forsake.

Originally Posted by knowcheeze View Post
you give devils with black skin a free passs.....this is the exact same mentality that allowed the triangle trade to even exist...son...
You did some half-ass-slick, coward-shit in this post.
You quoted every single word from my post except when I showed you, DIRECTLY from the Lessons; What is Devil? : Or, any grafted, live germ from original is devil."
If Yacob grafted devil FROM Original, obviously devil was/is in Original
This "free pass" thing you are trying to put on me is some straight up Straw Man Technique! son

Originally Posted by knowcheeze View Post
okay...your GOd is a baby killler....have fun with that.....mah God is a Just God....cuz mah God is me
You finally manned up and said it; You feel that you are your own God.
However, there was no need to use the good names of the Supreme Mathematics, the Nation of Gods and Earths, and Clarence 13X to promote the fact that you are on your own shit. If you're gonna stand on your own, do it. CREATE your own, totally original, with no previous wisdom, because that's what the Gods do! son
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