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Twisted Science shaolin monk

point blank, I toy with Fate ‘n’ implement fatal points of hatred that discombobulate ya ninjas’ roter plates / nickel-plated flow invades your domes in throes of passion / I spurt growth with droves of verbal poems that splash you in tha nads kid / classic attraction, to pretty hags with more ass than a Kardashian bitch / captain of attackin’ crab rappers ‘n’ stabbin’ their bladders ‘n’ slashin’ in half their pancreas / snort some nasal aggravants with cans of Goya in tha cabinet / captivate crowds of a hundred thousand / pow-wow peace pipes with tha captives ‘n’ rap faggots get ousted/ vowin’ to spit like I’m from Shaolin with a dual-bladed imitation Wu-Tang sword, you’ve been warned, ignite tha stimulation / tha din’s amazin’, high decibel raisin’ / load tha clip, every 3rd’s a tracer just to keep a eye on what I’m sayin’ / till death will I be Caucasian, maxim Anglo-Saxon / in tha Last Days my brain remains way past average…

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