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"I never said skin color is the determinant of devil, neither does the Lessons. It's too bad that you feel that you must misrepresent what I post to make your point." saying Yacob wasn't a devil because he was an original man...stop trying to confuse the think a baby killer isn't a devil because he is an original man...thats what you ORIGINALLY SAID...
your whole premise is that the baby killer yacob wasn't a devil because he was an original need to stay off the coffee and milk....

"It's one thing to have a grafted opinion of the Lessons, it's another to totally misrepresent them as you are doing here. The wise scientist only "trained" his laborers."

you have lost your the Illuminati devils who train these child assasins aren't devils cuz they didn't pull the trigger....they only "trained" the children to do have lost your think those armed forces generals who train the soldiers to kill innocent people around the globe aren't devils cuz they only "trained" the soldiers to do it....

"I'm not "interpreting" anything. I submit to the wisdom of the Lessons.
And I perfer the word Ummah to "sect" if you please."

your sect thinks that a child murderer isn't a devil

"Absolutely Nothing in the Lessons is allegorical and absent of tangible fact."

Then go kill you foe are required.....

" Each Muslim is required to bring four devils. "

fullfill your requirement....LOL

"Yacob had reached "Godhood"
That's why he was able to build and destroy in the Agean a new and better civilization could Be Born
This is an example of the Wisdom within the Lessons that you errantly forsake."

pshhhhhhh......a better civilization is killing babies???
like eye have lost your mind...
eye wonder who you would feel if your son or daughter
was murdered to make a better civilization....

"You did some half-ass-slick, coward-shit in this post.
You quoted every single word from my post except when I showed you, DIRECTLY from the Lessons; What is Devil? : Or, any grafted, live germ from original is devil."
If Yacob grafted devil FROM Original, obviously devil was/is in Original
This "free pass" thing you are trying to put on me is some straight up Straw Man Technique! son" are saying that mass murder of babies can build a "better civilization"...stop trying to change the subject...theres no straw man in anything that eye had typed....

"You finally manned up and said it; You feel that you are your own God.
However, there was no need to use the good names of the Supreme Mathematics, the Nation of Gods and Earths, and Clarence 13X to promote the fact that you are on your own shit. If you're gonna stand on your own, do it. CREATE your own, totally original, with no previous wisdom, because that's what the Gods do! son"

yeah whatever baby would be foul of me to hope your children are murdered by people who claim its to build a "better civilization"

but eye think you feel differently if it was YOUR CHILD.....

anyways...thank you for your basically exposed your BOTTOM think the murder of baby's can help make a "better civilization"...the bottom line is you are for the killing of innocent babies.......

thank you for allowing me to expose you as a devil

and thank Goodness for the Father we can cee clearly here alot of people claiming to be 5 percent are nothing but bloodthirsty 10 percenters who approve of the murder of babies.....
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