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"I didn't post this as commentary on Yacob, but rather to show that either you do not know, or are purposely misrepresenting the Lessons. He did not train 59,999 people."


"83 After rounding them all up into ships, they numbered 59,999. Yakub made 60,000. Their ships sailed out to an Isle in the Aegean Sea called Pelan (Bible Patmos). After they were loaded into the ships, Mr. Yakub examined each of them to see if they were 100 per cent with him; and to see if they were all healthy and productive people. If not, he would throw them off. Some were found to be unfit and overboard they went."
----Message to the blackman chapter 55


om guesing your response to this will be more semantical magic tricks....

"You keep repeating the phrase "killing babies" "baby killer" most likely for the melo-drama and shock value."

lets cee how you would feel if YOUR baby was murdered...
lets cee how you feel if someone said you were being
melo dramatic about YOUR baby being killed....


"If when you read the story of Yacob all you got out of it was: "killing babies" "baby killer" that demonstrates 2 things
1: You are not that bright
2: It is indicative of the condition of your heart and mind that, with all that wisdom within the story of Yacob, you chose only to latch on to "baby killing""

thats NOT all eye got out of it....
but in terms of this thread and your sugar on shit type shit
om just speaking on it...stop making assumptions....
eye get way more out of the story of yacob da devil satan
om just having fun exposing your for the satan that you are....

"If this is true, then you:
"...Teach that the Living God is the Son of man..."

that eye do

"What makes rain, hail, snow and Earthquakes?"
"Earthquakes are caused by the Son of man...all the above is caused by the Son of man"
But no God of your'se kills innocent people
So everybody that dies in these disasters is guilty of what?"

ahhhhhhh nice try muslim son.....

the natural disasters(weather that causes massive
death tolls) are caused by the son of man....
that means everyone on the planet....
all the natural disasters are caused by the foul mental state that
ALL human beings are in....EVERY human being on the planet
is the cause of natural disasters....
for instance humans who think mass murderers of babys aren't
devils...thats why theres natural disasters...
because of the worldwide mentality of humans....
so yes...the son of man does cause all of this
us human beings have a more intimate relationship
to the earth than one will ever know....
the earth is mad at you foul human beings!!!!!!!!
and eye say you...not me.....eye don't support baby killing....LOL

"Supreme Mathematics
7,8,9,0: God, Build/Destroy, Born, Cipher
Destroy: to ruin the structure, organic existence, or condition of
2: to put out of existence : KILL, ANNIHILATE, VANQUISH
Neither the Lessons nor the Supreme Mathematics support you notion of some mystery God that doesn't have to break(destroy, kill) eggshells to make that omelette(perfected complete creation)"

and thats your bottom line which eye have exposed....
but you damn hypocrite cuz if YOUR baby was fed to a wild
beast to make a "perfected complete creation" eye don't
think you would feel so good about it...or would you??

maybe you would like your baby being murdered....LOL

"One more time for you:
What is Devil?
"A grafted man which is made weak and wicked."
"Or, any grafted, live germ from the original is devil."

The Colored man, Yacob's grafted devil, is the physical manifestation of devil.
He DOES NOT posses the strong Original germ, so he is by NATURE weak and wicked."

you contradicting yow shay-ulf....

a mass murder of baby's is the very definition of wicked
and weak.....

"The Original Man, God of the Universe, has both the weak and the Original germ. If that weak germ is grafted or manipulate, and is no longer dormant below the Original germ, he will display the CHARACTERISTICS of devil. But that Original germ is still present, he is not devil."

semantical magic tricks!!!!!!!!!

"A Muslim does not have to "kill his foe cracka" to kill 4 devils. He must conquer his most formidable foe, that weak germ within himself."

naw....don't pull that bullshit....the lessons don't say "he must conquer his most formidable foe, the weak germ within himself"

Allah ax'd Elijah why does the Muslim murder the devil???

Elijah in his response says its REQUIRED

like eye said...eye don't think the killing 4 devils means to kill foe crackas but om just taking your bullshit semantical magic trick and throwing back in your face.....

we can continue this thread forever mah muslim son brother....

but me and everyone and they auntie knows eye just SLAYED YOUR ASS...

your BOTTOM LINE is that you think the mass murder of beautiful innocent pure babies is okay if its done to make a perfected complete creation

someone needs to call child protective services on yow ass....LOL

my bottom line is that baby killing is never okay and anyone who would harm a baby should die a terrible death....a baby killer should be tortured for 9 months before he is killed....

and on the subject of eggs and omlettes...

the original people on the planet beginning to eat animal products such as MILK and EGGS and MEAT was the beginning of the process which brought about this hell on earth that exists today....

PEACE jim jones Muhammad!!!!!!!!!
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