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Originally Posted by 2PAC HOLOGRAM View Post
i merk with the pleather jacket stack chips and lay chicks/ hooptie whips hybrids obnoxious molotov bricks/you in jail son you cant fuck with liberation/ when you praying rations fighting anal invasions/ i'm drinking fag drinks like mobb deep and laughing at your situation/ cold hearted like omarion pulling strings like pygmalion/
first thing they teach you don't get caught you failin son/ i blow up loud noises middle east no peace dunn/

I see thru your 2PAC Hologram from Mafia Land rhetoric / Science writes a different font to clean your crab thoughts with disinfectant / shots fired as life lessons, l’chaim shinin’ simonized 9 devices aim hit your head / I’ll arrive disguised to your wake, scrape you sisters ‘n’ kill your brethren / 730’s on my neck so I’ll kill my self, catch you slippin’ in Heaven / or maybe hell, trick Lucifer to buy your soul with tha new car smell / at my funeral they’ll play Wu, yours’ll sport Adele / my perdition, wicked like Wiccans with pentagram pendants / verbally lascivious, I take words ‘n’ slam ‘em up your anal while you positioned like tha bitches in Black Tail
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