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Twisted Science shaolin monk

Science, tha illest rogue renegade whose AK-47 even got a burner / I smack MCs in tha face like Ike Turner, leavin’ marks like Rick James with a heated crack pipe / when I speak I breathe flame ‘n’ scathe fuckers like Zorro with my sword, I’ll trim your cornrows / I’m from L.A. yo, I’ll chase you back to your borough / thought you was thorough but you sip Dom P ‘n’ merlot / I guzzle malt liquor ‘n’ blow bongloads / trapped in tha Belly for 12, R. Kelly’s going to hell for statutory, I use my cell as a laboratory ‘n’ construct laborious verse, you lames claim every single story’s ever been heard / regal lectures invade your sectors ‘n’ do tha legwork ‘n’ make every last hefer’s pussy tingle ‘n’ squirt /Twist, tha rap Caesar, bend fact at leisure, attack rap strapped with twin gats wearin’ a flak jacket ridin’ in a T-bird…
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