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Twisted Science shaolin monk

Knolege God cockblocks tha cipher with darts of fire / scarved up, MCs get carved up like I’m tha Thought Designer / this is hate beef ‘n’ your time’s expired / fed to tha dogs, I rep tha Gods ‘n’ exotic broads that wear bras with wires / I remain uptight for y’all hermaphrodites that’s inspired by MC Lyte, hand me tha pen, I outspit neophytes / lookin’ like I got skinny pants my gun’s so big, point blank shots ring my ears like a fat coke hit / note this, my flow’s corrosive, nuclear explosion-type slogans from a rap shogun, throwin’ 6-pointed ninja stars at ninjas’ hearts / cut tha tendons in a ninja’s arm, a prisoner of 16 bars, your shit is subpar / I keep tha mug scarved like Islamic hoes, smoke the Optimo then go shadow battle ninjas to keep a sharp dart / dual-edged, battle 2 at a time like Noah’s ark, full-fledged headbanger shit with 2 guitars / ism spliff ‘em, I lead tha rhythm / Christ has risen just to be killed again by tha illest villain Science / baptize tha mic twice, outta sight I lost my mind ‘n’ rewind tha timeline to circa 1999…
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