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Originally Posted by rakimkoolgrapwutang View Post
jesus loved his enemies cuz he was a masochist. thats why he often had dreams of being tortured on a cross.

its also why christians say things like 'the first shall be last and the last shall be first' and they like the meek the poor and suffering compared to the well off and happy. and they make up stories of how we should suffer on earth cuz our rewards in heaven. Paul even tells us to carry our cross and to carry burdens. christians tell us the world is a bad and lowly place cuz they want the earth to be bad. this has made the world bad. u often see how christians proclaim that theyre suffering for the will of God.

in short christianity is a masochistic religion.
i feel what your saying..i think masochism is pushed on us and we run with it in the most subtle of ways too. the pleasure we seek n have been taught to slowly does us in. few love themselves. many want a way out of bondage and feel unworthy of finding one.

peeps should want the best for themselves

imo regardless of one should allow another person to just take them off the planet..especially when you have a better relationship with the natural planet. at the same time though i'd say preserving the other persons life in the process of defending yourself would be the best outcome....however this is war..ultimately within the self

laying your cards on the table and saying this is me and that is you is important.
thats why pretending to save face be a madness

thats why i reckon separation is ethical when your stepping on eachothers toes

when its versus mode should be underhand business
but this is not how things are done by most anymore

and you can still love ur enemies and punish them. i feel you need to earn the right to punish. those with a taste for punishing need to rid themselves of that before being allowed to do so
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