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villainous, lace tha spliff, God still exists / place thought in the empty cylinder, guerilla in tha mist / point tha 5th at his groin to take away his preordained kids / fuckin’ with me son, your ass’ll get eclipsed / ain’t no anal pirate, though I’m tha Big Booty Buccaneer Science / maneuverin’ in silence, like revenge-for-hire gunslingers / shots is fired, ricochet rhymes from novice prize fighters chip tha veneer / ruffneck ruckus, verbal lust @ tha crux of bustin’ / tha way Milo does it w/ Kama Sutra as instructions / 2 dubs in tha blunt, Twist is Prussian / have a sultry tryst w/ a half-Black Armenian bitch / thick in tha thighs, more ass than tha whole Kardashian clique combined / snatchin’ ices off of right wrists ‘n’ chastisin’ ninjas outta spite / what I write’s crisp, tha rap Christ here to antagonize tha mic ‘n’ widen 3rd eyesight
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