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thirstiest, tha rhyme purist, lampiní in pajamas a happy camper / tacky bastard, Patty Hearst you with nouns Ďní adverbs / my mindís out past curfew / see tha evil manís words do out of context? yo, Iím inspired by what God said / on tha weekend Iím a little wicked, find a chicken to sip tha spittle from my little spigot / domino hoes grab tha bone Ďní wash tha dishes / stick tha syringes, up in arms next to tha ďMĒ emblem / dimwits donít get it, Iím so livid Ďní Scientifically Twisted, doiní vodka belly shots with 85%er Christians / all in tha past yo, now I guzzle from crystal clear bottles/ sniffiní crystal with bitches named Crystal with coke bottle figurines / genealogy tracks me back to tha Holy Nazarene / I baptize MCs in tha L.A. River / dope sniffer since í93 / in nine-seven I fucked my 1st sistahÖ

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