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Originally Posted by tha god concept View Post
Dark Monarchy melody monster mashed mentally
touched from the gods not so heavenly....more like malevolently
demi-god pedigree evidently wounded at the entery
clash with and pass spliffs to the titans twist kush and ride lightning
way more frightening than a hord of nordic vikings
stepping on skulls exiting war ships,vocal chords rip when swords hit
son you thick as porridge like the masses who ignore it
my thoughts is spouring out like mold, worth my weight in knowledge as well as gold
packaged shipped and go do what your told

Thereee heeerrrrreeee.....

..Poltergeist polarity,demonic parody,a pair of godz that merrily tear out the spot where ure heart used to bare a beat,mind control mischief with the cosmic spliff lit,, my mistress mocking dwarf starz solar systic,planets represent the jewels orbiting her wrist-let,,technologies that swarm in uniform to shape shift a killer bee's stinger horn...that cancels the shit u on,Ive traveled the road less taken,forsaken,for he whose blood is drawn,a pawn ina kings estate blatant.Notoriety in the secret society propriety chased ancients with tablets of the priory's prior diary knowledge that send bumps up u serpents skin silently,stuck for a statement u die idle,rap rivals get clapped by the sore eyeful,drop Renaissance knowledge off the Eiffel,using Jesus as a disciple,the recreation of man is final....

"We discourteous creatures, features of repetitive
feaster's,that pray on the opposite optical of logical people"
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