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Originally Posted by THE W View Post
your middle statements are completely untrue. nothing in the bible says you must inflict pain on yourself. those monks made up their own religion apart from the truth of God's word.

before a holy and sinless God we ARE unworthy and sinners. before a holy and sinless God we are worthy of nothing but death. but because God loved us and valued a relationship with us so highly sent his son as a sacrifice for the sins of man in order to restore the relationship God had with man before the sin of adam.

on top of all this your middle statements have absolutely nothing to do with "love your enemy". you've apparently moved on to something else.

as for your question, Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross because this was the will of the Father and he wasnt going to disobey his Father because thats what adam did and man was cursed and separated from God because of it.
never said the bible said that. but the priests did that cuz it was the spirit of christianity of that time. it was that deep feeling of feeling such contempt 4 urself that u have to express it through self harm.

just cuz my morals r different from gods doesnt mean nothing. in fact i find gods morals to be wrong (which is an opinion). he kills every 1st son of Egypt not cuz of what they did but cuz of their parents. i find that sick and disgusting. all moral codes are opinions and subjective and gods isnt somehow objectiveor true or absolute. so no were not unworthy unless we tell ourselves we are. and that is having low self esteem. to think so low of urself that u drop ur own personal morals in favour of someone elses whether its a God or god or supernatural being or other mans isnt healthy. its related to self loathing. the idea that ur such a terrible person that u have to lose/kill/sacrifice/4get urself in order to transfer to that other person. and where will that get us. every1 being the same person with the same morals. we lose our individuality.

and how does God sacrificing Jesus help destroy our sins. how does that actually help.

i do believe weve moved on from 'love ur enemy' onto a different subject. but it was related cuz it was having so low self esteem that u would turn ur cheek to let ur own enemy hit you across the cheek. in other words to let the enemy have control of ur body.

but why did God want Jesus to be sacrificed on the cross. God is all powerful so he could get rid of sin with a click of his finger but he placed his son on a cross. there must have obviously been some desire for him to put his son on a cross instead of finding an alternative method.

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