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Default Get Your Glossary Pt. I

grab ahold your rosaries / I travel from Seacaucus to Hermosa Beach, roast tha beef / I stab MCs like cock touchin’ ovaries till they’re shriveled up / like I give a fuck / 14-Unknown Twisted Science, now you know what’s up / 4s with laser beams, AKs ‘n’9 automatics / minds splashin’ math, go back to high school with yourslide rules ‘n’ your abacus / egghead with a capital M carved on his arm charged for holdin’ swagger captive / charismatic half-attractive Anglo-Saxon ‘n’ blowin’ glass is a habit I wish I could rescind / oh, how I resplend / sentenced to more time in tha pentenciary than average cats’ taught elementary, sharp like splinters / iridescent, piercin’ flesh with incandessant threats / wear a vest kid, I’ma borrow this, watch ya step kid / fuck tha sorrow tomorrow yo, today I feel aggression, excessive / I show you how to spit fucker, respect this / you opened tha bottle, now injest it, suck it down to tha worm / punk, tuck it in ‘n’ put your mouth on my sperm / exert just a excerpt to assert X amount of words, bend tha Bell Curve ‘n’Area 51 holds my verses / ghostride hearses spliffin’ herbage durin’ my victims service / ill, still sportin’ tha paisley kerchief worn when I murked him / hop in tha whip ‘n’ chirp it, leave tha cemetery / glib, I clip MCs’ wigs with my dissertations that’re serrated serenades, great grade A shit, turn your hearin’ aids up to innovation, I spray tha scent of hate / cold like November rain, my goal’s to change the inevitability of Fate / distilleries distill tha ill in me, I sway rhyme as sharp as guilliotines by what I say, I shave brains, sow what I reap / so what? y’all dumb fuckers wanna fuck with me? yo, my love is hatred luxorious, I cut a face with a blade forged by Manchurians in tha shape of a serpent / fervent, with tha verse perched to be splurged virtuous to the observant / pay my dues to be of service, lace tha woodwork, chasin’ paper as a flagrant playahater / Prisoners of War, what ever happened to 40 acres? aim to higher constellations like Orion, Science tha britest God Body Caucasion / triflin’ So. Cali 3 Strike stiflin’ style, my vo-cals be like trials ‘n’ tribulations / I snort 8ths str8 outta vials piled up ‘n’ every environment I enter becomes violent / I violate parole terms ‘n’ stipulations with a verbal smile, intro extrovert with a Medic-Alert bracelet indicatin’ I caustically burgle MCs neurally ‘n’ after they battle me they leave faceless / Twisted, a commercial expatriate / lost half my brain ‘n’ I’m still effin sagacious / get tha glossary fucker…
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