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Originally Posted by D.projectile View Post
thats how im feelin right now..for a while i been feelin like this
Take it and run man. Time waits for none of us.

Originally Posted by D.projectile View Post
all that matters for me right now is enduring an undoing process and confrontin my inner demons and gettin closer to becomin me. ive smoked green at and seen how i allowed certain events in my life to shape and mould without noticing n i feel like others wanna do this to me too. I see the dangers of clinging to things..ideas, people..anything but i know its down to being scared which isnt a normal makes one a slave aswell as stagnant. placing ur life in the hands of people who do not know u personally or have any reason to care is beyond bizzare and i want out
Powerful. I've definitely been to where you are and I can most certainly relate. Personally, I began to conquer this state of being by living the lessons that I love to study so much. The higher lessons about man being a part of all creation and as such having to seek a return to the harmony of it all. Sometimes it starts with simply spending more time alone among nature. Take a good book too. Music accelerates the process too. I mean good music. Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Classical, etc. Always keep a sense of humor though, that's very important. Some of us get so serious about cleansing our inner selves that we forget how to enjoy things. Besides, you'll need humor because when people see you getting your Self together, they'll either hate you for it because they themselves are unable to do it, or they'll want to try and dump all their emotional baggage on you like you're some kind of prophet. Believe me. If you're into books even in a minor way, there are a couple of titles I can recommend to help you along on your journey.

"Die before you die."-Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)
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