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Originally Posted by liquidswordchamber36 View Post
i smoke weed and hash,
seeds n grass, infact
my lungs are black,
and hard to see through like tinted glass,
your flow cant stay straight on track
because your a lyrical homosexual
no flow or intellectual
your a freak go join the feeble festival , your chest expandable , the flesh inner digestible from eating a rotten vegitable
you spit cotten because ur soft and weak like a poorly sharpened pencil, i go to drastic measures to maintain a longterm dental
i read frank miller novelas on a winter rooftop
eat corn pops and your inner tooth rots
budge over as i snag booth slots
you smoke weed ‘n’ hash, I smoke speed ‘n’ crack / stay tha fuck in Canada bitch, my pen’s a banana clip / your flow leaves an acrid stench like granny’s pussy lips / find me awol in Montreal swayin’ like Tech to Wake Up layin’ text in many fonts / http colon slash knolege flashes ‘n’ taunts you homo faggot-ass foreigners / America Lite, Science tha rhyme Christ, bow ‘n’ kiss tha pinky / hell or right, I blow Ls ‘n’ write Chappelle’s Show jokes on a kite
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