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I’m devious whether not I’m tweakin’ off inebriants / cease ‘n’ desist, you ain’t no MC / body slam you Greco-Romans, tha tech explodes ‘n’ divides your soul / call tha coroner, tell him to bring 7 different crows / Twisted twists spliffs ‘n’ blows cannabis in Blunted Stanzas / chickens come across me last like tantric sex ‘n’ friction / bless specific Scientifics shiest / Momar Kadafi type heist rhymes that I write precise / magma magne cum laude, come joust with me / my ingenuity’s fluently spoken with fluidity, I choked a ninja’s neck for his simplicity/ skipped his track on tha CD, went on to rhyme over a symphony / Mozart mosaic, when I speak it’s vocal paintin’ / whips is go-karts, if ignorance is involved I want no part/ I show up garbed in a black scarf / I’m so hard half of my bars don’t have to act tha part / I smash guitars ‘n’ stack darts…

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