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cock tha hammer of tha bammer, nickel-plated grammar splash your grandma / you pussies, stick ‘em up like bloody tampons / fuckin’ fags is fakes yo ‘n’ I rob tha airwaves / praise tha Science, Hip Hop is dyin’ like Sharon Tate stabbed right in her pregnant face / Nescafe, ninjas text message sexcapades whippin’ in Escalades, out heistin’ Chevrolets / your rap is weak ‘n’ your whole style I defecate ‘n’ desecrate your gravestone with tha illest poems / y’all ho-hum MCs, I blow ya guts out/ fuck now, I’m futuristic Twisted, my stanzas’ blunted ‘n’ twisted, but don’t get it twisted ‘cuz Science slits wrists right where tha ice went / you diet MCs, count your calorie intake, I verbally decorate art galleries ‘n’ rob fuckers for their salaries / snort a 16th of speed ‘n’ drink a 5th of Jim Beam…
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