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born skeptic, sworn to ethics / extension cord beatin’ feats feasted, hands down telekinesis / throwin’ reason underground, it’s where I reside flowin’ all-season with tha 12 Tribes / Is-rael Islam, is Science not a ill God? on tilt, I point tha iron in my palm ‘n’ fire at will at your entire block / liars get knocked for bringin’ fakeness / Milo Bring Down Society with BDS ‘n’ any which way I make it’s tres bien / taken aback at how I clap ‘n’ cascades splash at all these effin’ new wave cats / fraidy cats, faces get smacked ‘n’ crabs collapse off palladiums at tri-state stadiums / my new jack ways chase tha rabid dragon rapid ‘n’ when I catch it I’ma wax it from that back ‘n’ smack it, ‘n’ slap it in tha face with a black ratchet / after tha blastin’ happens I just walk away laughin’…
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